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BWSIM is an extensible, modular simulation platform for 4G wireless technologies. It simulates multi-cellular heterogeneous environments under different channel conditions in the presence of noise and interference.

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“Many PhD scholars in the Wireless Communications Research Group at IIT Madras have used BWSIM for their research work.New Tx/Rx modules designed by them can be added to BWSIM in order to understand the efficacy of a proposed algorithm at a system-wide level . This perspective is very important for getting a holistic view of their own research.”- Prof.Giridhar.K, IIT Madras

“The LTE simulator developed by CEWiT is one of the industry’s leading simulation tools. This tool can be used by academic groups towards applied research, telecom companies to reduce product development cycle, and operators can use this tool for optimizing network deployment.”- Prof.Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad

" As the coordinator of TCOE India evaluation team for IMT- Advanced (4G) technology of ITU, I can vouch that our success of technology evaluation was mainly attributed to the BWSIM simulator developed by CEWiT with active support from some major Industry and academic partners. In the coming decade this tool will be extremely useful for the Telecom fraternity." - Cmde J Jena, Director, Coordination Center, TCOE India and Associate Director General COAI, New Delhi